What is Glamping?

Glamping is the combination of the words “Glamorous” & “Camping”. So it is derived from the phrase Glamorous Camping. Sounds like glam and posh? It is basically a luxurious way of getting to the outdoors while keeping the comforts and luxuries of home. Other can just call it a camping site with amenities.

Many people love camping but are not ready to sacrifice the comfort that they get at home. They don’t like bags and enjoy hot water. This business idea was born looking at the popular requirement of the people. Many people are not enthusiastic about the typical tent theme, i.e., sleeping in a tight bag, eating canned food, etc.

Though some people are adventurous by nature and prefer the typical camping activities. They are mentally ready to bear all the challenges that they face during camping. Others want to go to nature, yet they don’t want to give up the luxuries like the amenities of civilization. Like a Netflix in the middle of the forest!

Much more than a nice tent!

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How the idea of Glamping appeared?

The modern definition can be traced near the beginning of the 20th century when wealthy Americans and Europeans began to travel to Africa, as there were no expensive hotels for their stay. They didn’t want to stay in ordinary tents. Therefore, they equipped their tents with beds & dressing tables.

This idea kept on spreading quickly, but around the year 2007, the term “Glamping” appeared for such campgrounds. By the year 2010, the spreading of comfortable campsites began around the world. Now it is starting to take the shape of the industry as more travelers and tourists who can afford the luxury.

Types of Glamping

There are various types of Glamping as the concept of comfortable relaxation in a camp with large tents, and hotel furniture is rapidly growing. With time we have seen more types, features, and more styles, for example, glass cabins, wooden platforms, tree houses, and even igloo.

As the main reason for Glamping is to relax in nature away from the city, traffic, and civilization. Hence, people have many options like resting in gigantic barrels, a triangular house with legs, and a chic tent are the ones we see around the world that people appreciate and benefit from it.

The advantages of luxury camping

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  • Is is Eco-friendly

With Glamping, even little or growing more is very eco-friendly and cheap as compared to the materials used in the construction and management of even a small hotel. It, therefore, saves time and energy by being ready in very little time than a proper construction of a hotel or motel.

The evidence of Glamping being eco-friendly than conventional hotels or any other form of tourist accommodation is evident that, in many cases, it takes advantage of surrounding elements of nature. This certainly gives a significant edge and saves time and money for the operators.

  • Getting closer to nature

Waking up and stepping out of a house is a daily routine that every individual experience. Though waking up and stepping out of a tent, restored trailer, or yurt gives a different feeling, and one really can experience close to the beauty of nature.

Other than that, the experience of fresh air and absolute leisure is something that everyone wants. After spending some quality time with family, friends, or loved ones, we can return to our private natural retreat and get a refreshing feel of luxury and comfort in the camp.

  • Endless adventures

To make the glamping experience the best, one can involve in a number of activities that include hiking, mountain biking, animal watching, and whitewater rafting. There are many other creative activities in which you can participate in while enjoying your luxury camping adventure.

One can imagine that if the luxurious tent is on the lakeside, from there, he/she can have a great boating and fishing experience. The beauty of scenery and sensation of fresh air certainly brings in new dimensions to the great experience that we are not able to feel every day.

Sites for an amazing Glamping experience

There are many extravagant, posh term referring to experiences where glamour meets camping. People go to fulfill their heart desires in the most exotic and breathtaking places on earth, then have a “home” experience on a cozy bed with a real mattress, gourmet meals, etc. Some of the examples are:

  • Todos Santos Eco Adventures in Baja, Mexico

This fantastic adventure starts each boat ride from La Paz to La Isla with a morning swim… with sharks. The sharks are harmless and photogenic. One would also want it when splashing around the lion pups and turtles later in the sea of Cortez.

After arriving at Camp Cecil, there are spacious safari type tents complete with beds and furnishings on the stunning beach. One can sit down on an oceanfront with gourmet lunch prepared by an Italian chef. One can grab a siesta or hike around the private paradise.

  • Garden Village Bled at Lake Bled, Slovenia

The vibrant forests of the Julian Alps and a set up camp at the eco-resort Garden Village Bled that are just a few minutes away from Lake Bled. This Central European countryside is as scenic and serene as they come; all this gives a great experience to the visitors.

Many units ranging from a family-sized treehouse to a safari-style tent with a huge double bed. Bathtub & private vegetable garden are available there also! There is a plant-filled organic restaurant and a refreshing spring water pool. One can fish, raft, ride, and paraglide in this amazing site.

  • Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California

One can experience a dusk stakeout at sunset in a fabulous tent that resembles a cocoon. This hidden gem overlooks the Pacific Ocean from a private deck, which is an excellent spot for one’s tripod. An outdoor fire will keep the temperatures warm during the magic hours.

One can aim camera inward to capture metal ribs of the temporary home, which glows in the dark, offering solar-powered indoor lighting. There are many other daily activities such as hiking through redwoods to canyons, waterfalls with whales, dolphins, and seals create a high impact.

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