The rise of Glamping

We have witnessed that Glamping is taking over the travel, hospitality, and outdoor services with the storm, especially in the past few years. It has grown exponentially since it has gained momentum in North America and Europe, and the web-searchers for the term “glamping” increased around this time.

In the year 2016, the word “glamping” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and today the glamping businesses are established in almost all corners of the world. Some companies are becoming more prevalent, and this industry shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. 

The glamping industry is projected to reach revenues of approximately a billion dollars over the next few years. This is an exponential growth projection for an outdoor travel niche. There are glamping shows in different parts of the world that showcases exhibitors and are visited by a large number of people. 

How is Glamping taking over traditional traveling ways?

Delve into nature without compromising your luxuries!

Over time, many travel enthusiasts now travel and stay in glamping structures and at glamping resorts. As their camping includes more luxurious facilities and their accommodations are much more different than the typical and traditional camping ways that have been practiced over the years.

Now the travelers are looking for new choices for their vacations, and the passion of exploring the hidden and off-the-grid places is increasing, though, with added facilities like luxurious beds, furniture, and good food, this passion is growing to new heights.

Where to go after Covid-19 ends?

Todays worlds is going through transformation like never before. Coronavirus is changing not only the tourism industry but it also the way that we work, invest or spend our free time. We will appreciate true nature and feel free outside of big cities, air pollution and crowdy streets. Camping with family or friends seems like awesome alternative. What is great you don’t have to travel outside of your country. You can rent a car or sit on your motorcycle and enjoy your own country.

Luxury camping is the place where you can also work remotely. Comfortable armchair, good WIFI connection and a view of a lake.

Different structures for glampers

The structures that create a great glamping experience vary as much as different destinations that one experiences. There are cabins, safari tents, yurts, and even wagons create a stunning moment to be running a river to come floating around the corner or a beautiful expensive beach. 

  • Safari tents

The Safari tent idea was probably imagined hundreds of years back. Kings, hunters, and vacationers have found good use of this sensible and portable lodging. Now a day, Safari tents are the premier lodging for the African Safari organizations.

Luxury safari tents are large rectangular structures that are supported by a framework of poles and occasionally have a platform or flooring. This allows simulation of home spaces, and the potential to luxury has no limit. The structure is water-resistant and durable fabric like canvas.

  • Pods

These are an ultimate glamping choice, as they are ideally suited for stylish camping breaks for travelers or camping lovers. The pods are built entirely of local and national resources. They provide excellent protection from wind and rain while giving a cozy feeling of home.

The compact size and energy-efficient systems make them very safe and secure. Enjoying vacations in an eco-friendly pod in a remote location with all the facilities gives a remarkable experience to the ones taking advantage of this once in a lifetime experience.

  • Beach houses

It is an irresistible idea of waking up in the melodic sounds of waves and chants of the birds, and what else can make this experience a great one than having a beach at your doorstep. Feeling the fresh breeze of the sea and relaxing in the best beach rentals opens new doors to freedom.

The uninterrupted views and watching the sun fade away into the ocean is a scene that nobody would like to miss. One can level up the great glamping experience with the beachfront accommodations as they are perfect for a family or romantic getaways. 

  • Domes

The domes are a bit strange but totally outstanding accommodations that are designed to offer the highest level of comfort and luxury without having any impact on the environment surrounding us. This gives an authentic experience of luxury glamping.

These structures are versatile, and this allows them to be installed very quickly in the most unlikely and scenic locations. The locations can be mountain tops or any oceanfront cliffs. The collection of different luxury domes lets a person’s imagination roam free.

Distinguished amenities

The importance of amenities is evident from the fact that most of the travelers or tourists want to have as much of them as possible. The results make it clear that those companies who build glamping structures need to consider these factors. 

  • Bathrooms

Most of the glamping structures and resorts offer high-tech compostable toilets, proper filtration systems, and self-contained water basins. Many provide the movable bathhouses in a rustic style and a range of other facilities in bathrooms. 

  • Connectivity

Many glamping resources make a point by providing Wi-Fi connectivity in the individual accommodation structures. This helps properties appeal to more guests. As more luxury is required in these sites; therefore, Wi-Fi is also an important aspect to consider.

Other amenities that can be offered are campfire valets, claw-foot soaking tubs, down comforters, and concierge services that offer more comfort than posh boutique hotels. There are common areas for games and relaxing if one doesn’t have a plan for an outdoor trip for the rest of the day.

Services that make a difference 

Glampers look for little touches that make their experience different and unique. An excellent staff service with a worthy arrival scene, flowers and wine bottle on the table, and very cozy blankets are provided by the organizers of such services. This happens to bring a long-lasting refreshing experience to the people. 

Different luxurious services like special buggies for transporting the luggage and offers of personal chef for the guests, such services give them a feeling that they are valued highly. There are certainly other services that are provided by the glamping-site owners to their guests.

The site owners educate their guests in an effort to reduce, reuse, and repurpose the waste. The conscious glampers take these programs seriously and abide by the rules that are made by the service providers. Thus the travelers look to gain intimacy with nature in a harmonious way.

Having great services at a destination for passive vacation, relaxation, and natural treasures with good food and drinks, certainly give a new experience. At the same time, the importance of entertainment and the sense of privacy and safety in the campsite adds flavor to the taste.


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